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Handmade knives like your grandpa carried.

USA Made Knife Brands

Our list of brands continues to grow as we grow. With these trademarks you will find limited runs in traditional patterns and traditional materials with certain runs being exotic materials as well. 

Battle Axe Brand

Schatt & Morgan

Dollar Knife Company

Clyde Cutlery

New York Knife Co

Foster Bros

File & Wire

Beavers Falls Cutlery

About Us

Who We Are

Family Run

Welcome to Cooper Cutlery. My name is Gilbert Cooper, and I am the President of Cooper Cutlery LLC. We are a family run business; my wife, Debbie, along with my two sons, Seth and Matthew, all work at our knife factory located in beautiful Southern Ohio. Our goal is to make you a knife like your Grandpa carried, something that you can hand down to your children or grandchildren.

Getting Started

Finest Knives Ever Made

We purchased most of the contents of the Queen Cutlery Factory in Pennsylvania and moved all of the machines and parts to our newly built shop on our family farm in Winchester, Ohio. The machines we purchased built some of the finest knives that were ever made in the USA including brands such as: Case Classics, Winchesters, Northwoods, Marbles, Moore Maker, Schatt and Morgan, etc.


Quality Knives

Handmade in USA

Here at Cooper Cutlery we make all of our knives by hand. We hand pin, hand grind, hand hone, and hand sharpen each knife. We are using the same technique and machines that were used in the Schatt and Morgan factory 100 years ago. We are a traditional knife company making American knives. This tradition will continue in the USA and will stay in the USA.

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